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Konkret Media is a left-wing media collective based in Los Angeles. Our political horizons are global—the scope of our problematics, borderless—but they are shaped by a distinct vantage point. We are leftists and internationalists; we are also Angelenos.

Our task is to help shape a critique of the present as a vehicle for a different, liberatory politics. We will do our best to document and interpret the conditions that face us, while honestly evaluating the balance of progressive forces working for a society oriented towards human need.

While our primary work is to produce commentary, we understand the necessity to go beyond mere appraisal and criticism. The material we publish is meant as an intervention not just in the theoretical concerns of the Left but also its organization and strategy. We seek to be embedded in existing sites of struggle, not stand above them.

We believe in the contemporary relevance of historical materialism and its potential to resonate with the working class. We insist that fundamental social change can only come through the development of a working-class movement able to contest all terrains of social, economic and political life. This is the framework not just of our critique of 21st century capitalism, but also our articulation of strategies for its supersession.


We are always looking for writing from a left-wing, materialist perspective.

We welcome shorter commentaries (up to 1000 words) as well as long-form essays (up to 4000 words). Brief pitches are preferred, but we will also consider fully drafted articles. In your pitch, please succinctly describe the topic, your argument and conclusions, and your expertise on the issue. We are happy to accept pitches from both new and established writers, with the goal of cultivating a roster of regular contributors.

We generally do not consider articles that have been previously published elsewhere, with the exception of pieces that have been published in languages other than English. We welcome either English translations of these pieces or submissions in the original language. We can work with authors to undertake translation of pieces accepted for publication. For these articles, we will publish both the translation and the piece in its original language.

We will also consider artwork, photographic essays and more on a case-by-case basis. Those interested in other formats should contact us for more information.

Please send your submissions to: If applicable, attach the full-text piece as a Word document or PDF. Our team will aim to respond to all inquiries within four weeks. All published pieces are paid.

Download Pitch Guidelines [PDF]
July 2017 version